Description for “Champion lineup French Mastiff puppies sreeganesh farm”

The French mastiff is a well balanced, muscular and massive dog with a powerful build. The Dogue’s size should come mostly from width and muscles, rather than height.The breed is set somewhat low to the ground and is not tall like the English Mastiff. The body of the Dogue de Bordeaux is thick-set, with a top-line that has a slight dip (topline is never completely straight) and a gentle rounded croup. The front legs should be straight and heavy-boned, well up on pasterns, down to tight cat-like feet. The straight tail, beginning thickly at the base and then tapering to a point at the end, should not reach lower than the hocks, and is set and carried low. The breed is to be presented in a completely natural condition with intact ears, tail, and natural dewclaws. It should be evaluated equally for correctness in conformation, temperament, movement, and overall structural soundness. Weight Male 150 lb (68 kg)+ Female 125 lb (57 kg)+ Height Male 23.5 27 in (60 69 cm) Female 23 26 in (58 66 cm) Coat Fine, short and soft to the touch Color All shades of fawn, from a dark red fawn to a light fawn. A rich coat color is considered desirable. Limited white patches are permissible on the chest and the extremities of the limbs Litter size Avg. 8 pups Life Avg. 5-6 years Website :- Emailid :-, Mobile number :- (whats app / 08372091696/ 08167209342) Delivery anywherein india without taking any charges. Any orther query pls call , sreeganesh farm . Thanks