JOB VACANCY IN MSTAY HOTEL LIMITED I am Mr Harry White Chairman/Recruitment Officer MSTAY Hotel Limited Am interested in employing a devoted male or female Applicants directly who is willing to relocate and work in my Hotel/Estate/Company over here in United Kingdom as a Manager/Supervisor, i also wants to employ a gardener /security officer and a driver if you are Interested you can submit your detailed CV via email to {} We are offering the Following Job Posts In Mstay Hotel Limited England if interested forward your CV/Resumes Immediately. Positions Available. MSTAY HOTEL LONDON has immediate employment opportunities. {LCLH} intends to invite experienced individuals/expatriates or Consultancy firm capable of rendering expertise services in various fields of Business Management, M.B.A (Finance), 1.Front Office Nerve Centre of The Hotel. 2.Concierge Always At Your Service. 3.Housekeeping Professional Quality Cleaning With a Personal Touch. 4.Maintenance To The Rescue! 5.The Edge Social Grille & Lounge Restaurant- Serving You With a Smile. 6.Kitchen Cooking with Passion. 7.Accounting- Working the Numbers. 8.Hotel Supervisor. 9.Administrative Manager. 10.Service Technicians. 11.Facility Maintenance. 12.Expert Drivers. 13.Electronic Engineers. 14.Safety officers, 15.Security officers. 16.Store keepers. Job Status: Full Time & Half Time Please send your CV to this email: ( NOTE: This job is for those who are ready to relocated to work in UK,AUS,CANADA and must have a valid passport Best Regards, Mr Harry White Chairman / Recruitment officer MSTAY Hotel Limited